Seller's Guide

Deal Killer Cover ThumbAfter 22 years of conducting over 10,000 home inspections, I have seen hundreds of real estate transactions fall apart. They fall apart for a variety of reasons but one of the more common reasons is what some refer to as the “Deal Killing” inspection. Home inspectors such as myself do not approach an inspection in hopes to kill the deal. Deals are killed as a result of conditions and a general lack of knowledge. When you go to sell your home you may opt to list your home with a local real estate company or try and sell it yourself through a variety of methods available today. In either case, you are searching for a qualified buyer. That buyer has the legal right to have your home inspected by a professional before completing the sales purchase. If the findings of that inspection are not favorable to them the buyer may opt to terminate the sale and purchasing process of the home.

Deal Killer Spread ThumbIt is important for you as a seller to fully understand the things home inspectors will look for and point out to their client, the buyer. Many homeowners love their home but are simply unaware of the intricacies and nuisances of their home. As a result you the seller may be surprised and shocked when a buyer either walks away from the sale or approaches you to renegotiate the selling price. You simply had no idea. With that in mind, I have created this guide to assist you in understanding every aspect of your home in order for you to pre-evaluate your home like a home inspector. This guide is designed as a checklist so that you can review your home component by component and address items you so choose.

I hope you enjoy this guide, and better yet hope it helps you avoid the “Deal Killer.”

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please email us.