Creating Curb Appeal for Your Home

Everyone wants to take pride in showing off their home. Frequently homeowners do magnificent things with the interior of their home, but forget about the outside. This is often the case when trying to sell a home. Real estate agents will often tell their perspective sellers to try and create some "Curb Appeal". It can make the difference when you incorporate a little pizzazz.

First and foremost, keep the outside of your house neat and tidy. Make sure all wood surfaces are maintained in a freshly painted appearance. Shrubbery should not overwhelm a house, but rather enhance it. Trim overgrown shrubs and fill in any bare spots. It is a must to keep the grass mowed and the clippings picked up. Keep the grass well watered and fertilized to maintain a thick green lawn. Edging your shrubbery and finishing it with mulch or decorative stone provides an aesthetically appealing view. When it comes to lawn ornaments more is not always better. This holds true as well for shrubbery and vegetation. Vine growth on a structure appeals to a very select few. This is highly discouraged for a variety of reasons as it creates many negative issues for the structure. Vine growth on a structure invites pesky insects and allows water to more easily lie next to the structure. Sidewalks should always be kept in good repair. Cracking concrete or uneven slab work is unappealing as well as a safety hazard. It is also recommended to remove any dead vegetation and keep trees well pruned. Any tree limbs overhanging the house should be cut back. Lastly keep all daily used items in the rear of the property. Children's toys in the front yard, play sets, trashcans, doghouses, etc. should be stored in the back yard to maintain good "Curb Appeal" for your home.