Overhead Garage Door Problems & Maintenance

Often times during one of our home inspections we find overhead doors that either do not function or simply work very hard. Generally it is simply a lack of maintenance being performed. Below are a few of the more common problems we find and some suggested maintenance.

If the door will not even open or close, first double check the electronic keypad if you have one. Sometimes we find that these are damaged or simply need to be re-programmed. If you are a new buyer that just recently purchased the home, changing the code is also highly recommended.

If the overhead door slams down when closing generally we find the extension springs are either broken or simply worn out and need to be replaced. Sometimes tension adjustments need to be performed. If you are not familiar with this process have a proper technician perform this service.

Sometimes these springs are actually too strong and the door will actually open on its own. In these instances the strings may need to be changed out for a lighter version.

Overhead doors that stick or work with a great deal of difficulty often need the rollers lubricated. Tracks also sometimes are dirty or rusted making the operation much more difficult. Check rollers and tracks for dirt and debris and clean these items. All purpose grease in the tracks works great for easy operation. Sometimes tracks are also dented, or damaged and need repair. Give them a visual for repair needs. Look for loose fasteners, hangers, etc.

All overhead doors with electronic openers should have auto reverse electronic eyes installed. These safety devices are required by new code for new installations but often we find older homes that do not utilize these safety devices. These devices ensure an automatic return of the door in the event of someone or something passing through the laser beam. These are a great safety device and can be purchased at most home improvement retailers.

Lastly whether your overhead door is automatic or manually operated you should ensure that the door has a properly installed lock system. Many home burglaries often occur as a result of the burglar gaining access to the property through the overhead door.